Savvy Group of Companies consists of

  • Savvy Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.
  • Savvy Construction Company
  • Savvy Infrastructures Company
  • Savvy Homes Company
  • Savvy Organizers
  • Savvy Realty and Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.

Savvy Group of Companies is the brain-child of three classmates from an engineering college, Jaxay Shah, Sameer Sinha and Jigish Shah (Managing Directors) who had a dream to change the landscape of Ahmedabad.

After graduating from L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad all three gained valuable experience working in brick and mortar construction companies in India and abroad, before returning home to set up ‘Savvy’ in 1996.

The Savvy Group of Companies was conceived as a professional construction group to satisfy the needs of the discerning customer interested in prime commercial or residential space. Within a decade, Savvy established a strong foothold and reliable reputation in the densely saturated construction market of Ahmedabad.